1 A copy of the testament of Naphtali, which he decreed at the time of his death in the one hundred thirty-second year of his life.

2 When his sons were gathered together in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, and he was in good health, he gave a feast of food and wine.

3 After he awoke early the next morning, he told them, I am dying, but they did not believe him.

4 And while he was beraḵah 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, he confirmed that after the previous day’s feast he would die.

5 Then he began to say to his sons, Listen, my children, sons of Naphtali, hear your father’s words.

6 I was born from Bilhah; Raḥĕl dealt craftily, giving Bilhah to Ya’aqoḇ in place of herself, and she bore me on the knees of Raḥĕl, for which reason she called me Naphtali.

7 Raḥĕl loved me because I was born in her lap; while I was tender in appearance she would kiss me and say, May I see a brother of yours, like you, from my own womb.

8 Thus Yosĕph was like me in every way, in keeping with Raḥĕl’s prayer.

9 But my mother was Bilhah, daughter of Rotheos, Deḇorah’s brother, nurse of Riḇqah; she was born the very day on which Raḥĕl was born.

10 Rotheos was of Aḇraham’s tribe, a Kasdim, one who honored Elohim, free and well-born;

11 But he was taken captive and bought by Laḇan, who gave him Euna, his servant girl, as a wife. She bore a daughter and called her Zilpah from the name of the village in which he had been taken captive.

12 After that she bore Bilhah, saying, My daughter is ever eager for new things; No sooner had she been born than she hurried to start sucking.