1 In the fortieth year of my life, I saw on the Mount of Olives east of Yerushalayim that the sun and the moon stood still.

2 And behold, Yitsḥaq, my father’s father, was saying to us, Run forth, seize them, each according to his capacity; to the one who grasps them will the sun and the moon belong.

3 All of them ran, but Lĕwi seized the sun and Yahuḏah, outstripping the others, grasped the moon. Thus they were exalted above others.

4 Lĕwi became like the sun, a certain young man gave him twelve palm branches.

5 And Yahuḏah became luminous like the moon, and twelve rays were under his feet. Then running toward the others, Lĕwi and Yahuḏah seized them.

6 And behold, there was a bull on the earth with two great horns and an eagle’s wing on his back. They tried to lay hold of him, but were unable.

7 But Yosĕph overtook them and seized him and went up with him into the heights.

8 And I looked, since I was there, and behold a sacred writing appeared to us, which said, Ashshur, Maḏites, Parasians, Ĕylamites, Galatiyim, Kasidites, Arameans  shall obtain a share in the twelve staffs of Yisra’ĕl through captivity – shall possess in captivity the twelve tribes of Yisra’ĕl. –