1 If you are appointed master do not lift yourself up,
But be among them as one of the rest.
Diligently look after them, and then sit down.

2 And when you have fulfilled your office, take your place,
That you may rejoice with them,
And receive a crown for your well ordering of the feast.

3 Speak, you who are the elder, for it is fitting for you,
But with right-ruling; and do not withhold music.

4 Do not pour out words when there is a musician,
And do not put forth wisdom out of time.

5 A concert of music at a banquet of wine is as a signet of ruby mounted in gold.

6 As a signet of an emerald mounted in a work of gold,
So is the melody of music with pleasant wine.

7 Speak, young man, if there is need of you;
And yet only twice when you are asked.

8 Let your words be few, saying much with few words;
Be as one who knows and yet holds his tongue.

9 If you are among great men,
do not make yourself equal with them;
And when aged men are in place,
do not use many words.

10 Before the thunder goes lightning;
And before a humble man goes favour.

11 Rise up early, and do not be the last;
And get home without delay.

12 There fulfill your office, and do what you shall:
But do not sin with proud speech.

13 And for these baraḵ He who made you,
And has filled you with His goodness.

14 Whoever reveres 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 shall receive His discipline;
And those who seek Him early shall find favour.

15 He who seeks the Law shall be filled with it;
But the hypocrite shall stumble over it.

16 Those who revere 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 shall find Right-Ruling,
And shall kindle righteousness as a light.

17 A sinful man shall not be reproved,
But finds an excuse according to his liking.

18 A man of counsel is considerate;
But a strange and proud man is not troubled by fear,
Even when he himself has done without counsel.

19 Do no deed without advice;
And when you are done, do not regret it.

20 Do not go in a way in which you may fall,
And do not stumble among the stones.

21 Do not be reckless on an easy road.

22 And beware of your own children.

23 In every good work guard your own being;
For this is the keeping of the Commands.

24 He who believes in 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 guards the Commands;
And he who trusts in Him does not come to harm.