1 The remembrance of Yoshiyahu is like the composition of a perfume that is made with the skill of the perfumer;
It is sweet as honey in all mouths,
And as music at a feast of wine.

2 He acted uprightly by instructing the people,
And took away the wicked abominations.

3 He directed his heart toward 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄,
And in the time of the wicked he established the worship of Elohim.

4 All except Dawiḏ and Ḥizqiyahu and Yoshiyahu, were wicked;
For they forsook the Law of the Most High,
Even the sovereigns of Yahuḏah failed.

5 Therefore He gave their strength to others,
And their esteem to a foreign nation.

6 They burned the chosen city of the Miqdash,
And made the streets desolate,
According to the neḇuah of Yirmeyahu.

7 For they treated him evilly, who was yet a naḇi, qadosh in his mother’s womb,
That he might root out, and afflict, and destroy;
And that he might also build up, and plant.

8 It was Yeḥezq’ĕl who saw the esteemed vision,
Which was shown to him upon the chariot of the keruḇim.

9 For he remembered the enemies under the sign of rain,
And directed those who went rightly.

10 And of the twelve neḇi’im let their remembrance be baruḵ,
And let their bones flourish again out of their place;
For they comforted Ya’aqoḇ, and delivered them with true expectancy.

11 How shall we exalt Zerubbaḇel?
Even he was as a signet on the right hand;

12 So was Yĕshua son of Yotsaḏaq;
Who in their time built the House,
And raised a qodesh Hĕyḵal to 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄,
Which was prepared for everlasting esteem.

13 And among the elect was Neḥemyah,
Whose name is great, who raised up for us the walls that had fallen,
And put up the gates and the bars, and raised up our ruins again.

14 But no man on the earth was created like Ḥanoḵ;
For he was taken from the earth.

15 Neither was there a young man born like Yosĕph,
A governor over his brothers, a support to the people,
Whose bones were regarded by 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄.

16 Shĕm and Shĕth were in great esteem among men,
And so was Aḏam above every living creature in creation.