YOSĔPH 6 (Joseph 6)

1 Later she sent me food mixed with enchantments.

2 When the eunuch who was carrying it arrived, I looked up and saw a frightening man who offered me a sword along with the bowl. So I perceived it was a trick to lead me astray.

3 When he departed, I wept; I tasted neither one item nor the other of the food he brought.

4 A day later she came to me and said, when she recognized the food, Why didn’t you eat the food?

5 And I said to her because you filled it with a deadly enchantment. How can you say, I do not go near idols, but only to 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄.

6 Now then understand that the Elohim of my father revealed to me through a messenger your wickedness, but I have kept it for this reason: to shame you if somehow by seeing it you might repent.

7 In order for you to learn that the evil of  beliya’al will not triumph over those who exercise self-control in their worship of Elohim, I will take this and eat it in your presence. When I had said that, I prayed aloud, may the Elohim of my fathers and the Messenger of Aḇraham be with me.

8 And I ate. When she saw this, she fell upon her face at my feet weeping. I raised her up and warned her, and she agreed with me that she should no longer commit this impiety.