1 Now, my son Elisha, having explained the influences which lead men to do good or evil, I shall give unto thee the rules of the Order which all the members of the community of Elohim’s elect are bound to obey.

2 All such as shall have declared their desire to turn away from all evil and walk in obedience to every Word of Elohim according to the Commandments which He hath given shall observe these rules.

3 They are to keep apart from the company of the froward, having not intercourse with the inhabitants of the world except such as is required in the exercise of their stewardships and the preaching to them of the Besorah of repentance.

4 They are to be one with their brethren in the community of Elohim’s elect holding all their goods common according to the qodesh order of Elohim and holding one faith and one doctrine.

5 They are to abide by the decisions of the Presidency of the Order and the Family Council in all matters and be subject to the Word of Elohim as it is delivered through His neḇi’im, the Patriarchs in all matters doctrinal, economic and judicial.

6 They are to be united in all their efforts and always practice veracity, humility, righteousness, justice, charity and decency with no one walking in the stubbornness of his own heart or going astray according to the ideas of his fallible human mind.

7 They are to unite their efforts in overcoming their carnal natures, that the flesh may be subjected to the spirit, putting off the carnal man, becoming spiritual in their natures.

8 They are to establish truth in Yisra’ĕl that falsehood should be banished from among them forever.

9 They are to unite with an everlasting covenant forming a bond of union which can never be broken.

10 They are to freely extend forgiveness to all who have enlisted in the cause of reverence and truth.

11 Thus shall they become united as one man before 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 our Elohim that they may be found acceptable in His sight.