1 When a man desireth to enter the Covenant and take upon himself the ordinances of Elohim’s House, thereby allying himself with the congregation of the qodeshim, he is to be interviewed to determine his conduct in life, his relations with his fellowmen, and his adherence to correct principle and the true doctrines of the shamayim.

2 He who is found acceptable shall then enter the Order of Ḥanoḵ after the Aharonic order where, through obedience to the Word of Elohim and the instructions of those who preside over him in the Kehunnah, he may progress from one degree to another until he entereth into the Order of the Father, the most qodesh of all.

3 Moreover, every member of the Order is to be interviewed at the end of each year to evaluate his spiritual attitude and the performance of his duties.

4 Thus by annual and other interviews, the standing of each man in the community may be made evident, that the righteous may be promoted by virtue of their increased understanding and the integrity of their conduct, while the froward shall be demoted for their waywardness.