1 Regarding the teaching of this order, O Elisha, no one is to engage in discussion or disputation with another concerning the Torah of Elohim nor is it to be discussed with those who are not sincerely seeking the truth.

2 With those, however, that have chosen the right path, everyone is to discuss matters pertaining to the knowledge of Elohim’s Truth and of His righteous judgments.

3 The purpose of such discussions is to guide the minds of the members of the community, to give them insight into Elohim’s hidden wonders and truths, and to bring them to walk blamelessly each with his neighbor in harmony with all that has been revealed to them.

4 For this life is a time of preparation for meeting 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 and a time when the elect must be careful not to mingle with the wicked lest they be led to turn aside from the Way through the cunning craftiness of the evil ones.