1 Those who enter into covenant to hold all things common according to the Order of Ḥanoḵ and faithfully adhere to the Order of the Ancients should be instructed that their minds may be opened to the vision of eternity and how the order of the shamayim can be established and perpetuated here on the earth.

2 He who is called to instruct the children of Light in these matters must understand and teach the talmidim the true nature of man, the different influences which form his character, the meaning of his history and the reason that Elohim at one time baraḵ him bounteously and at another time afflicteth him dreadfully.

3 This is the hidden knowledge, the application of which redeemeth man from his natural state and ushereth him into the qodesh order of Elohim where he can be prepared to enter into the presence of Elohim himself and partake of the fruits of eternal lives.