1 After this, Aḏam and Ḥawwah continued to stand in the cave, praying and crying, until the morning dawned on them.

2 And when they saw the light returned to them they refrained from being afraid and strengthened their hearts.

3 Then Aḏam came out of the cave. And when he came to the mouth of it and stood and turned his face towards the east and saw the sunrise in glowing rays and felt the heat thereof on his body, he was afraid of it and thought in his heart that this flame came forth to plague him.

4 He then cried and beat his chest and he fell on the ground on his face and made his appeal saying:

5 “O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, plague me not, neither consume me, nor yet take away my life from the earth.”

6 For he thought the sun was Elohim.

7 Because while he was in the garden and heard the voice of Elohim and the sound He made in the garden, and feared Him, Aḏam never saw the brilliant light of the sun, neither did its flaming heat touch his body.

8 Therefore he was afraid of the sun when flaming rays of it reached him. He thought Elohim meant to plague him with it all the days He had decreed for him.

9 For Aḏam also said in his thoughts, that Elohim did not plague them with darkness but He had caused this sun to rise and to plague them with burning heat.

10 But while he was thinking like this in his heart the Word of Elohim came to him and said:

11 “Aḏam, get up on your feet. This sun is not Elohim, but it has been created to give light by day that I spoke to you about in the cave saying, ‘The dawn would come, and there would be light by day.’

12 But I am Elohim who comforted you in the night.”

13 And Elohim ceased to commune with Aḏam.