1 But Elohim knew that Aḏam believed he would frequently kill himself and make an offering to Him of his blood.

2 Therefore He said to him, “Aḏam, don’t ever kill yourself like this again, by throwing yourself down from that mountain.”

3 But Aḏam said to Elohim, “I was thinking to put an end to myself right now for having transgressed Your Commandments and for my having come out of the beautiful garden and for the bright light which You have taken from me, and for the praises which poured out from my mouth without ceasing, and for the light that covered me.

4 Yet because of Your goodness, O Elohim, You did not get rid of me altogether, but You have been favorable to me every time I die and You bring me to life.

5 And thereby it will be made known that You are a merciful Elohim who does not want anyone to perish, who would love it if no one should fall, and who does not condemn any one cruelly, badly, or by total destruction.”

6 Then Aḏam remained silent.

7 And the Word of Elohim came to him and baraḵ him and comforted him and covenanted with him that He would save him at the end of the days determined for him.

8 This, then, was the first offering Aḏam made to Elohim and so it became his custom to do.