1 On the morning of the forty-third day, they came out of the cave, sorrowful and crying. Their bodies were lean, and they were parched from hunger and thirst, from fasting and praying, and from their heavy sorrow because of their transgression.

2 And when they had come out of the cave they went up the mountain to the west of the garden.

3 There they stood and prayed and asked Elohim to grant them forgiveness of their sins.

4 And after their prayers Aḏam began to beg Elohim, saying, “O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, my Elohim, and my Creator, You Commanded the four elements to be gathered together, and they were gathered together by Your order.

5 Then You spread Your hand and created me out of one element, that of dust of the earth. You brought me into the garden at the third hour, on a sixth day, and informed me of it in the cave.

6 Then, at first, I knew neither night nor day, because I had a bright nature so that the light in which I lived ever left me to know night or day.

7 Then, again, O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, in that third hour in which You created me, You brought to me all beasts, and lions, and ostriches, and fowls of the air, and all things that move in the earth, which You had created at the first hour before me of the sixth day.

8 And Your will was that I should name them all, one by one, with a suitable name. But You gave me understanding and knowledge and a pure heart and a right mind from you, that I should name them after Your own mind regarding the naming of them.

9 O Elohim, You made them obedient to me and ordered that not one of them break from my control according to Your Commandment and to the dominion which You had given me over them. But now they are all estranged from me.

10 Then it was in that third hour of sixth day, in which You created me, and Commanded me concerning the tree, to which I was neither to go near, nor to eat from; because You said to me in the garden, ‘When you eat of it, from death you shall die.’

11 But if You had punished me as You said, with death, I should have died that very moment.

12 When You Commanded me regarding the tree, that I was neither to approach nor to eat of it, Ḥawwah was not with me. You had not yet created her, neither had You yet taken her out of my side, so had she yet heard this order from you.

13 Then, at the end of the third hour of that sixth day, O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, You caused a sleep to come over me, and I slept, and was overwhelmed in sleep.

14 Then You took a rib out of my side and You created her after my own likeness and image. Then I awoke and when I saw her and knew who she was, I said, ‘This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. From now on she shall be called woman.’

15 It was of Your good will, O Elohim, that You brought a sleep over me and that You quickly drew Ḥawwah out of my side until she was fully out, so that I did not see how she was made, neither could I witness. O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, Your goodness and glory are awful and great.

16 And of Your goodwill, O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, You made us both with bodies of a bright nature, and You made the two of us one. You gave us Your grace and filled us with praises of the Ruaḥ ha’Qodesh that we should be neither hungry nor thirsty nor know what sorrow is, nor know faintness of heart, neither suffering, fasting nor weariness.

17 But now, O Elohim, since we transgressed Your Commandment and broke Your Torah, You have brought us out into a strange land, and have caused suffering, faintness, hunger and thirst to come over us.

18 Now, therefore, O Elohim, we pray you, give us something to eat from the garden, to satisfy our hunger with it, and something wherewith to quench our thirst.

19 For, behold, many days, O Elohim, we have tasted nothing and drunk nothing, and our flesh has dried up and our strength is wasted. Sleep is gone from our eyes from faintness and crying.

20 Then, O Elohim, we dare not gather anything from the fruit of trees, from fear of You. For when we transgress the first time You spared us and did not make us die.

21 But now, we thought in our hearts that if we eat the fruit of the trees without Elohim’s order He will destroy us this time and will remove us from the earth.

22 And if we drink of this water without Elohim’s order He will make an end of us and root us up at once.

23 Now, therefore, O Elohim, I have come to this place with Ḥawwah, and we beg You to give us some fruit from the garden so that we may be satisfied with it.

24 For we desire the fruit that is on the earth and all else that we lack in it.”