1 After these things the Word of Elohim came to Aḏam, and said to him:

2 “Aḏam, as to the fruit on the Tree of Ḥai that you have asked for, I will not give it to you now, but only when the 5,500 years are fulfilled. At that time I will give you fruit from the Tree of Ḥai and you will eat and live forever, both you and Ḥawwah, and also your righteous descendants.

3 But these forty-three days cannot make amends for the hour in which you transgressed My Commandment.

4 Aḏam, I gave you the fruit of the fig-tree in which you hid yourself for you to eat. So, you and Ḥawwah go and eat it.

5 I will not deny your request; neither will I disappoint your hope. Therefore, endure until the fulfillment of the Covenant I made with you.”

6 And Elohim withdrew His Word from Aḏam.