The Devil attempts arson.

1 THEN Aḏam and Ḥawwah were afraid, and stood still. And Aḏam said to Ḥawwah, “What is that fire by our cave? We do nothing in it to bring about this fire.

2 “We neither have bread to bake therein, nor broth to cook there. As to this fire, we know not the like, neither do we know what to call it.

3 “But ever since Elohim sent the keruḇ with a sword of fire that flashed and lightened in his hand, from fear of which we fell down and were like corpses, have we not seen the like.

4 “But now O Ḥawwah, behold, this is the same fire that was in the keruḇ’s hand, which Elohim has sent to keep the cave in which we dwell.

5 “O Ḥawwah, it is because Elohim is angry with us, and will drive us from it.

6 “O Ḥawwah, we have again transgressed His commandment in that cave, so that He had sent this fire to burn around it, and to prevent us from going into it.

7 “If this be really so, O Ḥawwah, where shall we dwell? And whither shall we flee from before the face of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄? Since, as regards the garden, He will not let us abide in it, and He has deprived us of the good things thereof; but He has placed us in this cave, in which we have borne darkness, trials and hardships, until at last we found comfort therein.

8 “But now that He has brought us out into another land, who knows what may happen in it? And who knows but that the darkness of that land may be far greater than the darkness of this land?

9 “Who knows what may happen in that land by day or by night? And who knows whether it will be far or near, O Ḥawwah? Where it will please Elohim to put us, may be far from the garden, O Ḥawwah! or where Elohim will prevent us from beholding Him, because we have transgressed His commandment, and because we have made requests unto Him at all times?

10 “O Ḥawwah, if Elohim will bring us into a strange land other than this, in which we find consolation, it must be to put our souls to death, and blot out our name from the face of the earth.

11 “O Ḥawwah, if we are farther estranged from the garden and from Elohim, where shall we find Him again, and ask Him to give us gold, incense, myrrh, and some fruit of the fig-tree?

12 “Where shall we find Him, to comfort us a second time? Where shall we find Him, that He may think of us, as regards the covenant He has made on our behalf’

13 Then Aḏam said no more. And they kept looking, he and Ḥawwah, towards the cave, and at the fire that flared up around it.

14 But that fire was from Satan. For he had gathered trees and dry grasses, and had carried and brought them to the cave, and had set fire to them, in order to consume the cave and–what was in it.

15 So that Aḏam and Ḥawwah should be left in sorrow, and he should cut off their trust in Elohim, and make them deny Him.

16 But by the mercy of Elohim he could not burn the cave, for Elohim sent His messenger round the cave to guard it from such a fire, until it went out.

17 And this fire lasted from noon-day until the break of day. That was the forty-fifth day.