1 Then Aḏam and Ḥawwah went out and came into the Cave of Treasures and stood praying in it the entire day until the evening.

2 And this took place at the end of the fifty days after they had left the garden.

3 But Aḏam and Ḥawwah rose again and prayed to Elohim in the cave the whole of that night, and begged for mercy from Him.

4 And when the day dawned, Aḏam said to Ḥawwah, “Come! Let us go and do some work for our bodies.”

5 So they went out of the cave, and came to the northern border of the garden, and they looked for something to cover their bodies with. But they found nothing, and did not know how to do the work. But their bodies were stained, and they could not speak from cold and heat.

6 Then Aḏam stood and asked Elohim to show him something with which to cover their bodies.

7 Then came the Word of Elohim and said to him, “O Aḏam, take Ḥawwah and come to the seashore where you fasted before. There you will find skins of sheep that were left after lions ate the carcasses. Take them and make garments for yourselves, and clothe yourselves with them.”