1 Then the Word of Elohim came to Aḏam and Ḥawwah, and raised them up from their dead state, saying to them, “Why did you come up here? Do you intend to go into the garden from which I brought you out? You cannot return today but only when the Covenant I have made with you is fulfilled.”

2 Then Aḏam, when he heard the Word of Elohim, and the fluttering of the messengers, which he only heard and did not see, he and Ḥawwah cried and said to the messengers:

3 “O Ruaḥoth, who wait on Elohim, look at me and at my inability to see you! When I was in my former bright nature I could see you. I sang praises as you do and my heart was far above you.

4 But now that I have transgressed, that bright nature is gone from me and I have come to this miserable state in which I cannot see you. You do not serve me like you used to do. For my flesh has become like that of the animals.

5 O messengers of Elohim, ask Elohim to restore me to the state I was in formerly and ask him to rescue me from this misery, and to remove the sentence of death He passed on me for having trespassed against Him. Ask Him, as I ask Him to do these things.”

6 Then, when the messengers heard these words they all grieved over him and cursed Satan who had misled Aḏam until he came from the garden to misery, and from life to death, and from peace to distress, and from gladness to a strange land.

7 Then the messengers said to Aḏam, “You obeyed Satan and ignored the Word of Elohim who created you. You believed that Satan would fulfill all he had promised you.

8 But now, Aḏam, we will make known to you what came over us though him, before his fall from the shamayim.

9 He gathered together his hosts and deceived them, promising to give them a great reign, a divine nature, and other promises he made them.

10 His hosts believed that his word was true, so they followed him, and renounced the glory of Elohim.

11 He then ordered us, and some obeyed and under his command, and accepted his empty promises. But we would not obey and we did not take his orders.

12 Then, after he had fought with Elohim and had dealt disrespectfully with Him, he gathered together his hosts and made war with us. And if it had not been for Elohim’s strength that was with us we could not have prevailed against him to hurl him from the shamayim.

13 But when he fell from among us there was great joy in the shamayim because of his descent from us. If he had remained in the shamayim, nothing, not even one messenger would have remained in it.

14 But Elohim in His mercy drove him from among us to this dark earth because he had become darkness itself and a performer of unrighteousness.

15 And Aḏam, he has continued to make war against you until he tricked you and made you come out of the garden to this strange land, where all these trials have come to you. And death, which Elohim brought to him, he has also brought to you because you obeyed him and sinned against Elohim.”

16 Then all the messengers rejoiced and praised Elohim and asked Him not to destroy Aḏam for his having sought to enter the garden at this time, but to bear with him until the fulfillment of the promise, and to help him in this world until he was free from Satan’s hand.