1 But when Aḏam came out and saw his hideous figure he was afraid of him, and said to him, “Who are you?”

2 Then Satan answered and said to him, “It is I, who hid myself within the serpent, and who spoke to Ḥawwah, and who enticed her until she obeyed my command. I am he who, using my deceitful speech, sent her to deceive you until you both ate of the fruit of the tree and rejected the Command of Elohim.”

3 But when Aḏam heard these words from him, he said to him, “Can you make me a garden as Elohim made for me? Or can you clothe me in the same bright nature in which Elohim had clothed me?

4 Where is the divine nature you promised to give me? Where is that clever speech of yours that you had with us at first, when we were in the garden?”

5 Then Satan said to Aḏam, “Do you think that when I have promised someone something that I would actually deliver it to him or fulfill my word? Of course not. I myself have no hope of obtaining what I promised.

6 Therefore I fell, and I made you fall for the same reason that I myself fell. Whoever accepts my counsel, falls.

7 But now, O Aḏam, because you fell you are under my rule and I am sovereign over you because you have obeyed me and have sinned against your Elohim. There will be no deliverance from my hands until the day promised you by your Elohim.”

8 Again he said, “Because we do not know the day agreed on with you by your Elohim, nor the hour in which you shall be delivered, we will multiply wars and murders on you and your descendants after you.

9 This is our will and our good pleasure that we may not leave one of the sons of men to inherit our place in the shamayim.

10 Our home, Aḏam, is in burning fire and we will not stop our evil doing even a single day nor even a single hour. And I, a Aḏam, shall set you on fire when you come into the cave to live there.”

11 When Aḏam heard these words he cried and mourned and said to Ḥawwah, “Did you hear what he said? He said that he would not fulfill any of what he promised you in the garden. Did he really, at that time, become sovereign over us?

12 We will ask Elohim, who created us, to deliver us out of his hands.”