1 But Elohim looked at them, for they had killed themselves through great grief.

2 And He decided to raise them and comfort them.

3 Therefore, He sent His Word to them that they should stand and be raised immediately.

4 And 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 said to Aḏam and Ḥawwah, “You transgressed of your own free will, until you came out of the garden in which I had placed you.

5 Of your own free will have you transgressed through your desire for divinity, greatness, and an exalted state, such as I have; therefore I deprived you of the bright nature which you had then, and I made you come out of the garden to this land, rough and full of trouble.

6 If only you had not transgressed My Commandment and had kept My Torah, and had not eaten of the fruit of the tree which I told you not to come near! And there were fruit trees in the garden better than that one.

7 But the wicked Satan did not keep his faith and had no good intent towards Me, and although I had created him, he considered Me to be useless, and he sought the Almighty for himself. For this I hurled him down from the shamayim so that he could not remain in his first estate. It was he who made the tree appear pleasant to your eyes until you ate of it by believing his words.

8 Thus have you transgressed My Commandment, and therefore I have brought on you all these sorrows.

9 For I am Elohim the Creator, who, when I created My creatures, did not intend to destroy them. But after they had greatly roused My anger, I punished them with grievous plagues until they repent.

10 But, if on the contrary they still continue hardened in their transgression they shall be under a curse forever.”