Two fruit trees.

1 BUT Satan the wicked was envious, because of the consolation Elohim had given them.

2 So he prevented them, and went into the cave and took the two figs, and buried them outside the cave, so that Aḏam and Ḥawwah should not find them. He also had in his thoughts to destroy them.

3 But by Elohim’s mercy, as soon as those two figs were in the earth, Elohim defeated Satan’s counsel regarding them; and made them into two fruit-trees, that overshadowed the cave. For Satan had buried them on the eastern side of it.

4 Then when the two trees were grown, and were covered with fruit, Satan grieved and mourned, and said, “Better were it to have left those figs as they were; for now, behold, they have become two fruit-trees, whereof Aḏam will eat all the days of his life. Whereas I had in mind, when I buried them, to destroy them entirely, and to hide them for aye.

5 “But Elohim has overturned my counsel; and would not that this sacred fruit should perish; and He has made plain my intention, and has defeated the counsel I had formed against His servants.”

6 Then Satan went away ashamed, of not having wrought out his design.