1 As they got closer to the cave Aḏam and Ḥawwah saw two fig trees covered with fruit, and giving shade to the cave.

2 Then Aḏam said to Ḥawwah, “It seems to me that we have gone the wrong way. When did these two trees grow here? It seems to me that the enemy wishes to lead us the wrong way. Do you suppose that there is another cave in the earth besides this one?

3 But, Ḥawwah let us go into the cave and find the two figs because this is our cave we were in. But if we do not find the two figs in it then it cannot be our cave.”

4 Then they went into the cave and looked into the four corners of it but did not find the two figs.

5 And Aḏam cried and said to Ḥawwah, “Did we go to the wrong cave, Ḥawwah? It seems to me the two figs should have been in the cave.” And Ḥawwah said, “I do not know.”

6 Then Aḏam stood up and prayed and said, “O Elohim, You Commanded us to come back to the cave to take the two figs and return to you.

7 But now, we cannot find them. Elohim, have you taken them and planted these two trees, or have we lost our way in the earth, or has the enemy deceived us? If this is real then, O Elohim, reveal the secret of these two trees and figs to us.”

8 Then the Word of Elohim came to Aḏam, and said to him,  “Aḏam, when I sent you to bring back the figs, Satan went ahead of you to the cave and took the figs, and buried them outside, east of the cave, thinking to destroy them, by not sowing them with good intent.

9 It wasn’t because of him that these trees have immediately grown up but I had mercy on you and I commanded them to grow. And they grew to be two large trees, that would give you shade by their branches, and you should find rest, and by this I made you see My power and My marvelous works.

10 And, also I showed you Satan’s cruelty and his evil works. Ever since you came out of the garden he has not ceased for a single day from doing you harm in some way. But I have not given him power over you.”

11 And Elohim said, “From now on, Aḏam, rejoice because of the trees that you and Ḥawwah can rest under when you feel weary. But do not eat any of their fruit or come near them.”

12 Then Aḏam cried, and said, “Elohim, will You kill us again, or will You drive us away from Your face, and cut off our life from the face of the earth?

13 O Elohim, I beg you, if You know that these trees bring either death or some other evil, as they did the first time, root them up from near our cave and leave us to die of the heat or hunger or thirst.

14 For we know Your marvelous works, O Elohim, that they are great, and that by Your power You can bring one thing out of another without the thing’s consent. For Your power can make rocks to become trees, and trees to become rocks.”