1 After this Satan, the hater of all that is good, took the form of a messenger, and two others with him. So, they looked like the three messengers who had brought to Aḏam gold, incense, and myrrh.

2 They came to Aḏam and Ḥawwah while they were under the tree, and greeted Aḏam and Ḥawwah with friendly words that were full of deceit.

3 But when Aḏam and Ḥawwah saw their friendly countenance and heard their sweet speech, Aḏam rose, welcomed them, and brought them to Ḥawwah and they remained all together. Aḏam’s heart was happy all the while because he thought that they were the same messengers, who had brought him gold, incense, and myrrh.

4 This was because when they came to Aḏam the first time peace and joy came over him from them because they brought him good gifts. So Aḏam thought that they had come a second time to give him other gifts to make him rejoice. He did not know it was Satan, therefore he received them with joy and associated with them.

5 Then Satan, the tallest of them, said, “Rejoice, Aḏam, and be glad. Look, Elohim has sent us to you to tell you something.”

6 And Aḏam said, “What is it?” Then Satan said, “It is a simple thing, but it is the Word of Elohim. Will you accept it from us and do it? If you will not accept it, we will return to Elohim and tell Him that you would not receive His Word.”

7 And Satan continued, saying to Aḏam, “Don’t be afraid and don’t shake. Don’t you know us?”

8 But Aḏam said, “I do not know you.”

9 Then Satan said to him, “I am the messenger that brought you gold and took it to the cave. This other messenger is the one that brought you incense. And that third messenger is the one who brought you myrrh when you were on top of the mountain. It was he who carried you to the cave.

10 It was our other fellow messengers who lifted you to the cave. Elohim has not sent them with us this time because He said to us, ‘You will be enough’.”

11 So when Aḏam heard these words he believed them, and said to the messengers, “Speak the Word of Elohim, and I will receive it.”

12 And Satan said to him, “Swear and promise me that you will receive it.”

13 Then Aḏam said, “I do not know how to swear and promise.”

14 And Satan said to him, “Hold out your hand and put it inside my hand.”

15 Then Aḏam held out his hand, and put it into Satan’s hand. Satan said to him, “Now say this; As Elohim who raised the stars in the shamayim, and established the dry ground on the waters, and has created me out of the four elements, and out of the dust of the earth, and is logical and true does speak, I will not break my promise, nor abandon my word.”

16 And Aḏam swore.

17 Then Satan said to him, “Look, some time has passed since you came out of the garden, and you do not know wickedness or evil. But now Elohim says to you, to take Ḥawwah who came out of your side, and marry her so that she will bear you children to comfort you and to drive from you trouble and sorrow. This thing is not difficult and there is nothing morally wrong in it for you.”