1 But when Aḏam heard these words from Satan, he sorrowed much, because of his oath and his promise. And he said, “Shall I commit adultery with my flesh and my bones, and shall I sin against myself, so that Elohim will destroy me and blot me out from the face of the earth?

2 First, I ate of the tree and He drove me out of the garden into this strange land and deprived me of my bright nature, and brought my death. If I do this, He will cut off my life from the earth, and He will cast me into Gĕy-Hinnom, and plague me there a long time.

3 But Elohim never spoke the words that you have said and you are not Elohim’s messengers. He did not send you. You are devils that have come to me under the false appearance of messengers. Away from me, you cursed of Elohim!”

4 Then the devils fled from Aḏam. And he and Ḥawwah got up and returned to the Cave of Treasures, and went into it.

5 Then Aḏam said to Ḥawwah, “If you saw what I did, don’t tell anyone because I sinned against Elohim in swearing by His Great Name, and I have placed my hand once again into that of Satan.” Ḥawwah then held her peace as Aḏam told her.

6 Then Aḏam got up and spread his hands before Elohim, beseeching and entreating Him with tears to forgive him of what he had done. And Aḏam remained standing and praying in that way for forty days and forty nights. He did not eat or drink until he dropped down on the ground from hunger and thirst.

7 Then Elohim sent His Word to Aḏam, who raised him up from where he lay, and said to him, “Aḏam, why have you sworn by My Name? Why have you made agreement with Satan again?”

8 But Aḏam cried and said, “O Elohim, forgive me. I did this unwittingly because I believed they were Elohim’s messengers.”

9 And Elohim forgave Aḏam and said to him, “Beware of Satan.”

10 And He withdrew His Word from Aḏam.

11 Then Aḏam’s heart was comforted, and he took Ḥawwah and they went out of the cave to prepare some food for their bodies.

12 But from that day Aḏam struggled in his mind about marrying Ḥawwah, because he was afraid that if he did it, Elohim would be angry with him.

13 Then Aḏam and Ḥawwah went to the river of water, and sat on the bank, as people do when they enjoy themselves.

14 But Satan was jealous of them and planned to destroy them.