1 Then Aḏam prepared an offering. He and Ḥawwah brought it to the altar they had built at first and offered it up for their children.

2 And Aḏam offered up the offering, and asked Elohim to accept his offering.

3 Then Elohim accepted Aḏam’s offering, and sent a light from the shamayim that shined down on the offering. Aḏam and his son drew near to the offering, but Ḥawwah and the daughter did not approach it.

4 Aḏam and his son were joyful as they came down from the altar. Aḏam and Ḥawwah waited until the daughter was eighty days old and then Aḏam prepared an offering and took it to Ḥawwah and to the children. They went to the altar where Aḏam offered it up, as he was accustomed, asking 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 to accept his offering.

5 And 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 accepted the offering of Aḏam and Ḥawwah. Then Aḏam, Ḥawwah, and the children gathered together and came down from the mountain, rejoicing.

6 But they did not return to the cave in which they were born. Instead they went to the Cave of Treasures, so that the children should live in it and be baruḵ with the tokens brought from the garden.

7 But after they had been baraḵ with the tokens they went back to the cave in which they were born.

8 But, before Ḥawwah had offered up the offering, Aḏam had taken her to the river of water in which they threw themselves at first. There they washed themselves. Aḏam washed his body and Ḥawwah washed hers clean also, after the suffering and distress that had come over them.

9 But after washing themselves in the river of water, Aḏam and Ḥawwah returned every night to the Cave of Treasures, where they prayed and were baraḵ, and then went back to their cave where their children were born.

10 Aḏam and Ḥawwah did this until the children had been weaned. After they were weaned, Aḏam made an offering for the souls of his children in addition to the three times every week he made an offering for them.

11 When the children were weaned, Ḥawwah conceived again, and when her pregnancy came to term, she gave birth to another son and daughter. They named the son Heḇel and the daughter Aklia.

12 Then at the end of forty days, Aḏam made an offering for the son, and at the end of eighty days he made another offering for the daughter, and treated them as he had previously treated Qayin and his sister Luluwa.

13 He brought them to the Cave of Treasures, where they received a beraḵah and then returned to the cave where they were born. After these children were born, Ḥawwah stopped having children.