Qayin becomes jealous because of his sisters.

1 And the children began to wax stronger, and to grow in stature; but Qayin was hardhearted, and ruled over his younger brother.

2 And oftentimes when his father made an offering, he would remain behind and not go with them, to offer up.

3 But, as to Heḇel, he had a meek heart, and was obedient to his father and mother, whom he often moved to make an offering, because he loved it; and prayed and fasted much.

4 Then came this sign to Heḇel. As he was coming into the Cave of Treasures, and saw the golden rods, the incense and the myrrh, he inquired of his parents Aḏam and Ḥawwah concerning them, and said unto them, “How did you come by these?”

5 Then Aḏam told him all that had befallen them. And Heḇel felt deeply about what his father told him.

6 Furthermore his father Aḏam, told him of the works of Elohim, and of the garden; and after that, he remained behind his father the whole of that night in the Cave of Treasures.

7 And that night, while he was praying, Satan appeared unto him under the figure of a man, who said to him, “Thou hast oftentimes moved thy father to make an offering, to fast and to pray, therefore I will kill thee, and make thee perish from this world.”

8 But as for Heḇel, he prayed to Elohim, and drove away Satan from him; and believed not the words of the devil. Then when it was day, an messenger of Elohim appeared unto him, who said to him, “Shorten neither fasting, prayer, nor offering up an oblation unto thy Elohim. For, lo, 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 has accepted thy prayer. Be not afraid of the figure which appeared unto thee in the night, and who cursed thee unto death.” And the messenger departed from him.

9 Then when it was day, Heḇel came to Aḏam and Ḥawwah, and told them of the vision he had seen. But when they heard it, they grieved much over it, yet said nothing to him about it; they only comforted him.

10 But as to hard-hearted Qayin, Satan came to him by night, showed himself and said unto him, “Since Aḏam and Ḥawwah love thy brother Heḇel much more than they love thee, and wish to join him in marriage to thy beautiful sister, because they love him; but wish to join thee in marriage to his ill-favoured sister, because they hate thee;

11 “Now, therefore, I counsel thee, when they do that, to kill thy brother; then thy sister will be left for thee; and his sister will be cast, away.”

12 And Satan departed from him. But the wicked One remained behind in the heart of Qayin, who sought many a time, to kill his brother.