1 Then Aḏam said to Ḥawwah, “The children have grown up. We must think of finding wives for them.”

2 Then Ḥawwah answered, “How can we do that?”

3 Then Aḏam said to her, “We will join Heḇel’s sister in marriage to Qayin, and Qayin’s sister to Heḇel.”

4 Then Ḥawwah said to Aḏam, “I do not like Qayin because he is hard-hearted. So, let them stay with us until we offer up to 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 on their behalf.”

5 And Aḏam said no more.

6 Meanwhile Satan came to Qayin in the form of a man of the field, and said to him, “Look. Aḏam and Ḥawwah have discussed together about the marriage of you two, and they have agreed to marry Heḇel’s sister to you, and your sister to Heḇel.

7 But if it were not that I love you, I would not have told you this thing. So, if you will take my advice and obey me, I will bring beautiful robes, plenty of gold and silver, and my relations will attend you on your wedding day.”

8 Then Qayin said with joy, “Where are your relations?”

9 And Satan answered, “My relations are in a garden in the north, where I once meant to bring your father Aḏam, but he would not accept my offer.

10 But if you will receive my words and if you will come to me after your wedding, you shall rest from the misery in which you are; and you shall rest and be better off than your father Aḏam.”

11 At these words, Satan got Qayin’s attention, and Qayin inclined toward Satan to listen.

12 After this, he did not remain in the field, but he went to Ḥawwah, his mother, and beat her and cursed her, and said to her, “Why are you planning to take my sister to marry her to my brother? Am I dead?”

13 But his mother quieted him and sent him back to the field where he had been.

14 Then when Aḏam came, she told him of what Qayin had done.

15 Aḏam was very worried, but held his peace, and did not say a word.

16 Then, the next morning Aḏam said to Qayin his son, “Take of your young and good sheep and offer them up to your Elohim, and I will speak to your brother and have him make an offering of corn to his Elohim.”

17 They both obeyed their father Aḏam, and they took their offerings, and offered them up on the mountain by the altar.

18 But Qayin behaved arrogantly toward his brother, and he shoved him from the altar, and would not let him offer up his gift on the altar, but he offered his own offering on it with a proud heart, full of guile and fraud.

19 But Heḇel set up stones that were near at hand and on that, he offered up his gift with a heart humble and free from guile.

20 Qayin was then standing by the altar on which he had offered up his gift and he cried to Elohim to accept his offering, but Elohim did not accept it from Qayin, nor did a divine fire come down to consume his offering.

21 But he remained standing over against the altar out of meanness, to make fun of his brother, and he glared at his brother Heḇel to see if Elohim would accept his offering or not.

22 And Heḇel prayed to Elohim to accept his offering. Then a divine fire came down and consumed his offering. And Elohim smelled the sweet savor of his offering, because Heḇel loved Him and rejoice in Him.

23 And because Elohim was well pleased with him, He sent him a messenger of light in the form of a man to partake of his offering, because He had smelled the sweet savor of his offering, and he comforted Heḇel and strengthened his heart.

24 But Qayin was looking on all that took place at his brother’s offering, and was angry because of it.

25 Then he opened his mouth and blasphemed Elohim because He had not accepted his offering.

26 But Elohim said to Qayin, “Why do you look sad? Be in right standing with Me so that I may accept your offering. You have not murmured against Me, but against yourself.”

27 And Elohim said this to Qayin in rebuke, and because He hated him and his offering.

28 And Qayin came down from the altar and his color changed and he had a sad face. And he came to his father and mother and told them all that had happened to him. And Aḏam grieved much because Elohim had not accepted Qayin’s offering.

29 But Heḇel came down rejoicing, and with a glad heart, and told his father and mother how Elohim had accepted his offering. And they rejoiced at it and kissed his face.

30 And Heḇel said to his father, “Because Qayin shoved me from the altar, and would not allow me to offer my gift on it, I made an altar for myself and offered my gift on it.”

31 But when Aḏam heard this he was very sorry because it was the altar he had built at first, and on which he had offered his own gifts.

32 Qayin was so resentful and so angry that he went into the field. There, Satan came to him and said to him, “Your brother Heḇel has taken refuge with your father Aḏam, because you shoved him from the altar. They have kissed his face and they rejoice over him far more than over you.”

33 When Qayin heard these words of Satan he was filled with rage but he let no one know. But he was laying in wait to kill his brother, until he brought him into the cave, and then said to him:

34 “Brother, the country is so beautiful and there are such beautiful and pleasurable trees in it, and charming to look at! But brother, you have never been one day in the field to take your pleasure in that place.

35 Today, my brother, I wish very much that you would come into the field with me, to enjoy yourself and to baraḵ our fields and our flocks, for you are righteous, and I love you much, O my brother! But you have alienated yourself from me.”

36 Then Heḇel agreed to go with his brother Qayin into the field.

37 But before going out, Qayin said to Heḇel, “Wait for me and I will fetch a staff because of wild beasts.”

38 Then Heḇel stood innocently waiting. But Qayin, the presumptuous, got a staff and went out.

39 And Qayin and his brother Heḇel began to walk in the path. Qayin was talking to him, and comforting him, to make him forget everything.