The “Bright Nature” of man is taken away.

1 THEN Aḏam wept and said, “O Elohim, when we dwelt in the garden, and our hearts were lifted up, we saw the messengers that sang praises in shamayim, but now we do not see as we were used to do; nay, when we entered the cave, all creation became hidden from us.”

2 Then Elohim 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 said unto Aḏam, “When thou wast under subjection to Me, thou hadst a bright nature within thee, and for that reason couldst thou see things afar off. But after thy transgression thy bright nature was withdrawn from thee; and it was not left to thee to see things afar off, but only near at hand; after the ability of the flesh; for it is brutish.”

3 When Aḏam and Ḥawwah had heard these words from Elohim, they went their way; praising and worshipping Him with a sorrowful heart.

4 And Elohim ceased to commune with them.