1 Then Aḏam and Ḥawwah came out of the Cave of Treasures, and came near to the garden gate. There they stood and looked at it and cried for having gone away from it.

2 And Aḏam and Ḥawwah went south of the gate of the garden to the side of it and found there the water that watered the garden, which came from the root of the Tree of Ḥai, and they saw that the water was split from there into four rivers over the earth.

3 Then they came near to that water and looked at it and saw that it was the water that came up from under the root of the Tree of Ḥai in the garden.

4 And Aḏam cried and wailed, and beat his chest for being cut out from the garden; and said to Ḥawwah:

5 “Why have you brought so many of these plagues and punishments on me, on yourself, and on our descendants?”

6 And Ḥawwah said to him, “What is it you have seen that has caused you to cry and to speak to me in this manner?”

7 And he said to Ḥawwah, “Do you not see this water that watered the trees of the garden, and flowed out from there that was with us in the garden?

8 And when we were in the garden we did not care about it, but since we came to this strange land we love it and turn it to use for our body.”

9 But when Ḥawwah heard these words from him, she cried; and from the soreness of their crying, they fell into that water; and would have put an end to themselves in it so as never again to return and behold the creation for when they looked at the work of creation, they felt they must put an end to themselves.