“Aḏam was the first….”

1 AND when they had ended their prayer, the Word of Elohim came and comforted them concerning their father Aḏam.

2 After this, they offered their gifts for themselves and for their father.

3 And when they had ended their offering, the Word of Elohim came to Shĕth, the eldest among them, saying unto him, “O Shĕth, Shĕth, Shĕth, three times. As I was with thy father, so also shall I be with thee, until the fulfilment of the promise I made him-thy father saying, I will send My Word and save thee and thy seed.

4 But as to thy father Aḏam, keep thou the commandment he gave thee; and sever thy seed from that of Qayin thy brother.”

5 And Elohim withdrew His Word from Shĕth.

6 Then Shĕth, Ḥawwah, and their children, came down from the mountain to the Cave of Treasures.

7 But Aḏam was the first whose soul died in the land of Eden, in the Cave of Treasures; for no one died before him, but his son Heḇel, who died murdered.

8 Then all the children of Aḏam rose up, and wept over their father Aḏam, and made offerings to him, one hundred and forty days.