1 After the death of Aḏam and of Ḥawwah, Shĕth separated his children, and his children’s children, from Qayin’s children. Qayin and his seed went down and lived to the west, below the place where he had killed his brother Heḇel.

2 But Shĕth and his children, lived to the north on the mountain of the Cave of Treasures, in order to be near to their father Aḏam.

3 And Shĕth the oldest, tall and good, with a worthy soul, and of a strong mind, stood at the head of his people; and tended to them in innocence, patience, and meekness, and did not allow even one of them to go down to Qayin’s children.

4 And because of their purity, they were named “Children of Elohim,” and they were with Elohim instead of the hosts of messengers who fell, for they continued in praises to Elohim and in singing songs to Him in their cave, the Cave of Treasures.

5 Then Shĕth stood before the bodies of his father Aḏam and of his mother Ḥawwah, and he prayed night and day and asked for mercy for himself and his children, and that when he had some difficulty dealing with a child, Elohim would give him counsel.

6 But Shĕth and his children did not like mundane work, but set themselves to do things of the shamayim, because they had no other thought other than praises, worship, and psalms to Elohim.

7 Therefore did they at all times hear the voices of messengers, praising and glorifying Elohim; from within the garden, or when they were sent by Elohim on an errand, or when they were going up to the shamayim.

8 Because of their own purity, Shĕth and his children heard and saw the messengers. The garden was not far above them, only about fifteen spiritual cubits.

9 One spiritual cubit is equal to three cubits of man, altogether forty-five cubits.

10 Shĕth and his children lived on the mountain below the garden. They did not sow nor reap. They made no food for the body, not even wheat, but only enough for offerings. They ate the flavorful fruit of trees that grew on the mountain where they lived.

11 Shĕth often fasted for forty days, as did also his oldest children. The family of Shĕth smelled the smell of the trees in the garden when the wind blew that way.

12 They were happy, innocent, without sudden fear, there was no jealousy, no evil action, nor hatred among them. There was no animal passion. No one among them spoke either foul words or curse. There was neither evil intention nor fraud. The men of that time never swore, but when under hard circumstances, when men must swear, they swore by the blood of Heḇel the just.

13 But every day they compelled their children and their women to fast and pray, and to worship the Most High Elohim, in the cave. They baraḵ themselves by being near the body of their father Aḏam, and anointed themselves.

14 And they did so until the end of Shĕth drew near.