“Among the children of Qayin there was much robbery, murder and sin.”

1 IN those days lived Lemeḵ the blind, who was of the sons of Qayin. He had a son whose name was Atun, and they two had much cattle.

2 But Lemeḵ was in the habit of sending them to feed with a young shepherd, who tended them; and who, when coming home in the evening wept before his grandfather, and before his father Atun and his mother Hazina, and said to them, “As for me, I cannot feed those cattle alone, lest one rob me of some of them, or kill me for the sake of them.” For among the children of Qayin, there was much robbery, murder, and sin.

3 Then Lemeḵ pitied him, and he said, “Truly, he when alone, might be overpowered by the men of this place.”

4 So Lemeḵ arose, took a bow he had kept ever since he was a youth, ere he became blind, and he took large arrows, and smooth stones, and a sling which he had, and went to the field with the young shepherd, and placed himself behind the cattle; while the young shepherd watched the cattle. Thus did Lemeḵ many days.

5 Meanwhile Qayin, ever since Elohim had cast him off, and had cursed him with trembling and terror, could neither settle nor find rest in any one place; but wandered from place to place.

6 In his wanderings he came to Lemeḵ’s wives, and asked them about him. They said to him, “He is in the field with the cattle.”

7 Then Qayin went to look for him; and as he came into the field, the young shepherd heard the noise he made, and the cattle herding together from before him.

8 Then said he to Lemeḵ, “O my lord, is that a wild beast or a robber?”

9 And Lemeḵ said to him, “Make me understand which way he looks, when he comes up.”

10 Then Lemeḵ bent his bow, placed an arrow on it, and fitted a stone in the sling, and when Qayin came out from the open country, the shepherd said to Lemeḵ, “Shoot, behold, he is coming.”

11 Then Lemeḵ shot at Qayin with his arrow and hit him in his side. And Lemeḵ struck him with a stone from his sling, that fell upon his face, and knocked out both his eyes; then Qayin fell at once and died.

12 Then Lemeḵ and the young shepherd came up to him, and found him lying on the ground. And the young shepherd said to him, “It is Qayin our grandfather, whom thou hast killed, O my lord!”

13 Then was Lemeḵ sorry for it, and from the bitterness of his regret, he clapped his hands together, and struck with his flat palm the head of the youth, who fell as if dead; but Lemeḵ thought it was a feint; so he took up a stone and smote him, and smashed his head until he died.