The offspring of Aḏam continue to keep the Cave of Treasures as a family shrine.

1 AFTER the death of Enosh, Qĕynan stood at the head of his people in righteousness and innocence, as his father had commanded him; he also continued to minister before the body of Aḏam, inside the Cave of Treasures.

2 Then when he had lived nine hundred and ten years, suffering and affliction came upon him. And when he was about to enter into rest, all the fathers with their wives and children came to him, and he blessed them, and adjured them by the blood of Heḇel, the just, saying to them, “Let not one among you go down from this Qodesh Mountain; and make no fellowship with the children of Qayin the murderer.”

3 Mahalal’ĕl, his first-born son, received this commandment from his father, who blessed him and died.

4 Then Mahalal’ĕl embalmed him with sweet spices, and laid him in the Cave of Treasures, with his fathers; and they made offerings for him, after the custom of their fathers.