1 Then Elohim again revealed to him the promise He had made to Aḏam. He explained to him the 5500 years, and revealed to him the mystery of His coming to the earth.

2 And Elohim said to Yereḏ, “Let that fire you have taken from the altar to light the lamp abide with you to give light to the bodies. Do not let it come out of the cave until the body of Aḏam comes out.

3 But, Yereḏ, take care of the fire, so that it burns brightly in the lamp. Do not go out of the cave again until you received an order through a vision, and not in an apparition, you see.

4 “Then command your people again not to have relations with the children of Qayin, and not to learn their ways, for I am Elohim who does not love hatred and works of iniquity.”

5 Elohim also gave many other Commandments to Yereḏ, and He baraḵ him. And then withdrew His Word from him.

6 Then Yereḏ came near to his children, took some fire, and came down to the cave and lighted the lamp in front of the body of Aḏam. Then he gave his people the Commandments just as Elohim had told him to do.

7 This sign happened to Yereḏ at the end of his four hundred and fiftieth year, as did many other wonders we did not record. But we record only this one for the sake of brevity to shorten our written account.

8 And Yereḏ continued to teach his children eighty years, but after that they began to break the Commandments he had given them, and to do many things without his permission. They began to go down from the Qodesh Mountain, one after another, and mix with the children of Qayin, in obscene association.

9 Now the reason the children of Yereḏ went down the Qodesh Mountain will now be revealed to you.