1 And Ḥawwah gave birth to a son, perfectly beautiful in form and in demeanor. His beauty was like that of his father Aḏam, yet more beautiful.

2 Then Ḥawwah was comforted when she saw him, and remained eight days in the cave; then she sent her daughter unto Aḏam to tell him to come and see the child and name him. But the daughter stayed in his place by the body of her brother, until Aḏam returned.

3 But when Aḏam came and saw the child’s good looks, his beauty, and his perfect form, he rejoiced over him, and was comforted for Heḇel. Then he named the child Shĕth, which means, “That Elohim has heard my prayer, and has delivered me out of my affliction.” But it means also “Power and strength.”

4 Then after Aḏam had named the child, he returned to the Cave of Treasures; and his daughter went back to her mother.

5 But Ḥawwah continued in her cave, until forty days were fulfilled, when she came to Aḏam, and brought with her the child and her daughter.

6 And they came to a river of water, where Aḏam and his daughter washed themselves, because of their sorrow for Heḇel; but Ḥawwah and the babe washed for purification.

7 Then they returned, and took an offering, and went to the mountain and offered it up for the babe; and Elohim accepted their offering, and sent His beraḵah upon them, and upon their son Shĕth; and they came back to the Cave of Treasures.

8 As for Aḏam, he did not have intercourse again with his wife Ḥawwah, all the days of his life; neither was any more offspring born of them; but only those five, Qayin, Luluwa, Heḇel, Aklia, and Shĕth alone.

9 But Shĕth waxed in stature and in strength; and began to fast and pray, fervently.