Ravishing music; strong drink loosed among the sons of Qayin. They don colorful clothing. The children of Shĕth look on with longing eyes. They revolt from wise counsel; they descend the mountain into the valley of iniquity. They can not ascend the mountain again.

1 AFTER Qayin had gone down to the land of dark soil, and his children had multiplied therein, there was one of them, whose name was Genun, son of Lemeḵ the blind who slew Qayin.

2 But as to this Genun, Satan came into him in his childhood; and he made sundry trumpets and horns, and string instruments, cymbals and psalteries, and lyres and harps, and flutes; and he played on them at all times and at every hour.

3 And when he played on them, Satan came into them, so that from among them were heard beautiful and sweet sounds, that ravished the heart.

4 Then he gathered companies upon companies to play on them; and when they played, it pleased well the children of Qayin, who inflamed themselves with sin among themselves, and burnt as with fire; while Satan inflamed their hearts, one with another, and increased lust among them.

5 Satan also taught Genun to bring strong drink out of com; and this Genun used to bring together companies upon companies in drink-houses; and brought into their hands all manner of fruits and flowers; and they drank together.

6 Thus did this Genun multiply sin exceedingly; he also acted with pride, and taught the children of Qayin to commit all manner of the grossest wickedness, which they knew not; and put them up to manifold doings which they knew not before.

7 Then Satan, when he saw that they yielded to Genun and hearkened to him in every thing he told them, rejoiced greatly, increased Genun’s understanding, until he took iron and with it made weapons of war.

8 Then when they were drunk, hatred and murder increased among them; one man used violence against another to teach him evil taking his children and defiling them before him.

9 And when men saw they were overcome, and saw others that were not overpowered, those who were beaten came to Genun, took refuge with him, and he made them his confederates.

10 Then sin increased among them greatly; until a man married his own sister, or daughter, or mother, and others; or the daughter of his father’s sister, so that there was no more distinction of relationship, and they no longer knew what is iniquity; but did wickedly, and the earth was defiled with sin, and they angered\ Elohim the Judge, who had created them.

11 But Genun gathered together companies upon companies, that played on horns and on all the other instruments we have already mentioned, at the foot of the Qodesh Mountain; and they did so in order that the children of Shĕth who were on the Qodesh Mountain should hear it.

12 But when the children of Shĕth heard the noise, they wondered, and came by companies, and stood on the top of the mountain to look at those below; and they did thus a whole year

13 When, at the end of that year, Genun saw that they were being won over to him little by little, Satan entered into him, and taught him to make dyeing-stuffs for garments of divers patterns, and made him understand how to dye crimson and purple and what not.

14 And the sons of Qayin who wrought all this, and shone in beauty and gorgeous apparel, gathered together at the foot of the mountain in splendour, with horns and gorgeous dresses, and horse races, committing all manner of abominations.

15 Meanwhile the children of Shĕth, who were on the Qodesh Mountain, prayed and praised Elohim, in the place of the hosts of messengers who had fallen; wherefore Elohim had called them “messengers,” because He rejoiced over them greatly.

16 But after this, they no longer kept His commandment, nor held by the promise He had made to their fathers; but they relaxed from their fasting and praying, and from the counsel of Yereḏ their father. And they kept on gathering together on the top of the mountain, to look upon the children of Qayin, from morning until evening, and upon what they did, upon their beautiful dresses and ornaments

17 Then the children of Qayin looked up from below, and saw the children of Shĕth, standing in troops on the top of the mountain; and they called to them to come down to them.

18 But the children of Shĕth said to them from above, “We don’t know the way.” Then Genun, the son of Lemeḵ, heard them say they did not know the way, and he bethought himself how he might bring them down.

19 Then Satan appeared to him by night, saying, “There is no way for them to come down from the mountain on which they dwell; but when they come tomorrow, say to them, ‘Come ye to the western side of the mountain; there you will find the way of a stream of water, that comes down to the foot of the mountain, between two hills; come down that way to us.'”

20 Then when it was day, Genun blew the horns and beat the drums below the mountain, as he was wont. The children of Shĕth heard it, and came as they used to do.

21 Then Genun said to them from down below, “Go to the western side of the mountain, there you will find the way to come down.”

22 But when the children of Shĕth heard these words from him, they went back into the cave to Yereḏ, to tell him all they had heard.

23 Then when Yereḏ heard it, he was grieved; for he knew that they would transgress his counsel.

24 After this a hundred men of the children of Shĕth gathered together, and said among themselves, “Come, let us go down to the children of Qayin, and see what they do, and enjoy ourselves with them.”

25 But when Yereḏ heard this of the hundred men, his very soul was moved, and his heart was grieved. He then arose with great fervor, and stood in the midst of them, and adjured them by the blood of Heḇel the just, “Let not one of you go down from this holy and pure mountain, in which our fathers have ordered its to dwell.”

26 But when Yereḏ saw that they did not receive his words, he said unto them, “O my good and innocent and holy children, know that when once you go down from this holy mountain, Elohim will not allow you to return again to it.”

27 He again adjured them, saying, “I adjure by the death of our father Aḏam, and by the blood of Heḇel, of Shĕth, of Enosh, of Qĕynan, and of Mahalal’ĕl, to hearken to me, and not to go down from this holy mountain; for the moment you leave it, you will be reft of life and of mercy; and you shall no longer be called ‘children of Elohim,’ but ‘children of the devil.'”

28 But they would not hearken to his words.

29 Ḥanoḵ at that time was already grown up, and in his zeal for Elohim, be arose and said, “Hear me, O ye sons of Shĕth, small and great–when ye transgress the commandment of our fathers, and go down from this holy mountain–ye shall not come up hither again for ever.”

30 But they rose up against Ḥanoḵ, and would not hearken to his words, but went down from the Qodesh Mountain.

31 And when they looked at the daughters of Qayin, at their beautiful figures, and at their hands and feet dyed with colour, and tattooed in ornaments on their faces, the fire of sin was kindled in them.

32 Then Satan made them look most beautiful before the sons of Shĕth, as he also made the sons of Shĕth appear of the fairest in the eyes of the daughters of Qayin, so that the daughters of Qayin lusted after the sons of Shĕth like ravenous beasts, and the sons of Shĕth after the daughters of Qayin, until they committed abomination with them.

33 But after they had thus fallen into this defilement, they returned by the way they had come, and tried to ascend the Qodesh Mountain. But they could not, because the stones of that holy mountain were of fire flashing before them, by reason of which they could not go up again.

34 And Elohim was angry with them, and repented of them because they had come down from glory, and had thereby lost or forsaken their own purity or innocence, and were fallen into the defilement of sin.

35 Then Elohim sent His Word to Yereḏ, saying, “These thy children, whom thou didst call ‘My children,’–behold they have transgressed My commandment, and have gone down to the abode of perdition, and of sin. Send a messenger to those that are left, that they may not go down, and be lost.”

36 Then Yereḏ wept before 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, and asked of Him mercy and forgiveness. But he wished that his soul might depart from his body, rather than hear these words from Elohim about the going down of his children from the Qodesh Mountain.

37 But he followed Elohim’s order, and preached unto them not to go down from that holy mountain, and not to hold intercourse with the children of Qayin.

38 But they heeded not his message, and would not obey his counsel.