Yereḏ dies in sorrow for his sons who had gone astray. A prediction of the Flood.

1 AFTER this another company gathered together, and they went to look after their brethren; but they perished as well as they. And so it was, company after company, until only a few of them were left.

2 Then Yereḏ sickened from grief, and his sickness was such that the day of his death drew near.

3 Then he called Ḥanoḵ his eldest son, and Methushelaḥ Ḥanoḵ’s son, and Lemeḵ the son of Methushelaḥ, and Noaḥ the son of Lemeḵ.

4 And when they were come to him he prayed over them and blessed them, and said to them, “Ye are righteous, innocent sons; go ye not down from this holy mountain; for behold, your children and your children’s children have gone down from this holy mountain, and have estranged themselves from this holy mountain, through their abominable lust and transgression of Elohim’s commandment.

5 “But I know, through the power of Elohim, that He will not leave you on this holy mountain, because your children have transgressed His commandment and that of our fathers, which we had received from them.

6 “But, O my sons, Elohim will take you to a strange land, and ye never shall again return to behold with your eyes this garden and this holy mountain.

7 “Therefore, O my sons, set your hearts on your own selves, and keep the commandment of Elohim which is with you. And when you go from this holy mountain, into a strange land which ye know not, take with you the body of our father Aḏam, and with it these three precious, gifts and offerings, namely, the gold, the incense, and the myrrh; and let them be in the place where the body of our father Aḏam shall lay.

8 “And unto him of you who shall be left, O my sons, shall the Word of Elohim come, and when he goes out of this land he shall take with him the body of our father Aḏam, and shall lay it in the middle of the earth the place in which salvation shall be wrought.”

9 Then Noaḥ said unto him, “Who is he of us that shall be left?”

10 And Yereḏ answered, “Thou art he that shall be left. And thou shalt take the body of our father Aḏam from the cave, and place it with thee in the ark when the flood comes.

11 “And thy son Shem, who shall come out of thy loins, he it is who shall lay the body of our father Aḏam in the middle of the earth, in the place whence salvation shall come.”

12 Then Yereḏ turned to his son Ḥanoḵ, and said unto him, “Thou, my son, abide in this cave, and minister diligently before the body of our father Aḏam all the days of thy life; and feed thy people in righteousness and innocence.”

13 And Yereḏ said no more. His hands were loosened, his eyes closed, and he entered into rest like his fathers. His death took place in the three hundred and sixtieth year of Noaḥ, and in the nine hundred and eighty-ninth year of his own life; on the twelfth of Takhsas on a sixth day.

14 But as Yereḏ died, tears streamed down his face by reason of his great sorrow, for the children of Shĕth, who had fallen in his days.

15 Then Ḥanoḵ, Methushelaḥ, Lemeḵ and Noaḥ, these four, wept over him; embalmed him carefully, and then laid him in the Cave of Treasures. Then they rose and mourned for him forty days.

16 And when these days of mourning were ended, Ḥanoḵ, Methushelaḥ, Lemeḵ and Noaḥ remained in sorrow of heart, because their father had departed from them, and they saw him no more.