1 Ḥanoḵ kept the commandment of Yereḏ his father, and continued to minister in the cave.

2 Many wonders happened to this man, Ḥanoḵ, and he also wrote a celebrated book; but those wonders may not be told in this place.

3 Then after this, the children of Shĕth, as well as their children and their wives went astray and fell. And when Ḥanoḵ, Methushelaḥ, Lemeḵ and Noaḥ saw them, their hearts suffered because of their fall, which filled them with doubt and unbelief. And they wept and sought of Elohim mercy to preserve them, and to bring them out of that wicked generation.

4 Ḥanoḵ continued in his ministry before 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 three hundred and eighty-five years, and at the end of that time he became aware through the grace of Elohim, that Elohim intended to remove him from the earth.

5 He then said to his son, “O my son, I know that Elohim intends to bring the waters of the Flood on the earth, and destroy His creation.

6 “And you are the last rulers over the people on this mountain. And I know that not one will be left for you to have children on this qodesh mountain. Not one of you will rule over the children of his people. No great number of you will be left on this mountain.”

7 Ḥanoḵ also said to them, “Watch over your souls, and hold tight to your fear of Elohim and your service to Him, and worship Him in righteous faith, and serve Him in righteousness, innocence and judgment. Worship Him in repentance and in purity.”

8 When Ḥanoḵ had ended his commandments to them, Elohim transported him from that mountain to the land of ḥai, to the mansions of the righteous and of the chosen ones, which is the abode of Paradise of joy, in light that reaches up to the shamayim. It is the light that is beyond the light of this world. It is the light of Elohim that fills the whole world and no place can contain.

9 Ḥanoḵ was in the light of Elohim and because of this he found himself out of the grasp of death, until Elohim would have him die.

10 Altogether, not one of our fathers or of their children, remained on that qodesh mountain, except those three, Methushelaḥ, Lemeḵ, and Noaḥ. All the rest went down from the mountain and fell into sin with the children of Qayin. And they were forbidden to come back to that mountain. And none remained on it but those three men.