1 At the end of seven years from the day Aḏam had been separated from his wife Ḥawwah, Satan envied him, and when he saw Aḏam was separated from her, Satan strove to make him live with her again.

2 Then Aḏam arose and went up above the Cave of Treasures and continued to sleep there night by night. But every day as soon as it was light he came down to the cave to pray there and to receive a beraḵah from it.

3 But when it was evening he went up on the top of the cave, where he slept by himself, fearing that Satan could overcome him. And he continued apart in this way for thirty-nine days.

4 Then when Satan, the hater of all that is good, saw Aḏam alone, fasting and praying, he appeared unto him in the form of a beautiful woman who came and stood in front of him in the night of the fortieth day, and said to him:

5 “Aḏam, from the time you have dwelt in this cave, we have experienced great peace from you, and your prayers have reached us, and we have been comforted because of you.

6 “But now, Aḏam, that you have gone up over the roof of the cave to sleep, we have had doubts about you, and a great sorrow has come upon us because of your separation from Ḥawwah. Then again, when you are on the roof of this cave, your prayer is poured out, and your heart wanders from side to side.

7 “But when you were in the cave your prayer was like fire gathered together. It came down to us, and you found rest.

8 “Then I also worried over your children who are separated from you, and my sorrow is great about the murder of your son Heḇel because he was righteous, and over a righteous man every one will grieve.

9 “But I rejoiced over the birth of your son Shĕth. But after a little while I sorrowed greatly over Ḥawwah, because she is my sister. For when Elohim sent a deep sleep over you, and drew her out of your side, He brought me out with her. But He raised her by placing her with you, while He lowered me.

10 “I rejoiced over my sister for her being with you. But Elohim had made me a promise before, and said, ‘Do not grieve; when Aḏam has gone up on the roof of the Cave of Treasures, and is separated from Ḥawwah his wife, I will send you to him and you shall join yourself to him in marriage, and bear five children for him, as Ḥawwah gave him five children.’

11 “And now, look! Elohim’s promise to me is fulfilled because it is He who has sent me to you for the wedding, because if you wed me I shall bear you finer and better children than those of Ḥawwah.

12 “You are still young. Do not end your youth in this world in sorrow. Spend the days of your youth in happiness and pleasure. Your days are few and your trials have been great. Be strong and end your days in this world in rejoicing. I shall take pleasure in you, and you shall rejoice with me in this way and without fear.

13 “Get up and fulfill the command of your Elohim,” she then came near Aḏam and embraced him.

14 But when Aḏam saw that he was going to be overcome by her, he prayed to Elohim with a fervent heart to deliver him from her.

15 Then Elohim sent His Word to Aḏam, saying, “Aḏam, that apparition is the one that promised you the Almighty, and majesty. He does not intend good for you, but shows himself to you at one time in the form of a woman and in another moment in the likeness of a messenger, and on other occasions in the apparition of a serpent, and at another time in the semblance of a elohim. But he does all of this only to destroy your soul.

16 “Aḏam, now that you understand this in your heart you will see that I have delivered you many a time from his hands in order to show you that I am a merciful Elohim. I wish you good and I do not wish your ruin.”