1 When our father Aḏam saw that Shĕth was of a perfect heart, he wished him to marry; lest the enemy should appear to him another time, and overcome him.

2 So Aḏam said to his son Shĕth, “I wish, O my son, that you wed your sister Aklia, Heḇel’s sister, that she may bear you children, who shall replenish the earth, according to Elohim’s promise to us.

3 “Be not afraid, my son; there is no disgrace in it. I wish you to marry, from fear that if you do not the enemy could overcome you.”

4 Shĕth, however, did not wish to marry; but in obedience to his father and mother, he did not say a word.

5 So Aḏam married him to Aklia. And he was fifteen years old.

6 But when he was twenty years of age, he had a son, whom he called Enosh; and then had other children.

7 Then Enosh grew up, married, and begat Qĕynan.

8 Qĕynan also grew up, married, and begat Mahalal’ĕl.

9 Those fathers were born during Aḏam’s lifetime, and dwelt by the Cave of Treasures.

10 Then were the days of Aḏam nine hundred and thirty years, and those of Mahalal’ĕl one hundred. But Mahalal’ĕl, when he was grown up, loved fasting, praying, and with hard work, until the end of our father Aḏam’s days drew near.