Spoken by Dawiḏ, when he was contending with the
lion and the wolf which took a sheep from his flock.

1 O Elohim, O Elohim, come to my aid;
Help me, save me, and deliver my being from the slayer.

2 Shall I go down to She’ol by the mouth of the lion?
Shall the wolf be the end of me?

3 Was it not enough for those who lay in wait for my father’s flock,
And tore a sheep of my father’s flock.
Must they also wish the destruction of my own being?

4 Have pity, O 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, and save Your kind one from destruction,
So that he may rehearse Your esteem for all of his days,
And may praise Your great Name,

5 When You have delivered him from the hands of the destroying lion and of the ravenous wolf,
And when You have delivered my captivity from the hands of the wild beasts.

6 Quickly, Aḏonai, send from Yourself a deliverer,
And draw me out of the gaping pit which imprisons me in its depths.