A song to the Creator.

1 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 is great and qodesh,
The most qodesh for generation after generation.

2 Excellency goes before Him,
And abundance of many waters comes after Him.

3 Kindness and truth surround His face;
Truth, right-ruling, and righteousness are the pedestal of His throne.

4 He divides light from the unknown,
And He establishes the dawn by the knowledge of His heart.

5 All His messengers sang when they saw it;
For He showed them that which they had not known.

6 He crowns the mountains with fruit,
With good food for all the living.

7 May the Aḏon of the earth be barak, along with His power;
For He establishes the world by His wisdom.

8 He stretched out the shamayim by His understanding,
And brought forth wind from His stores.

9 He made lightnings for the rain,
And raised mist from the end of the earth.