ḤAḴMAH 8 (Wisdom 8)

1 Wisdom reaches from one end to another mightily;
And she rightly orders all matters.

2 I loved her, and sought her out from my youth,
I desired to make her my bride,
and I was a lover of her comeliness.

3 She increases her nobility for she accompanies Elohim;
Indeed, the Aḏon of all loved her.

4 For she knows the secrets of the knowledge of Elohim,
And is a lover of His works.

5 If wealth is a possession to be desired in this life;
What is wealthier than wisdom, the doer of all?

6 And if insight works;
Who of all that is a more skilled worker than she?

7 And if a man loves righteousness, her works are good;
For she teaches self-control and insight, righteousness and endurance;
Of which there is naught more profitable than men may have in their life.

8 If a man desires much experience, she knows the ways of old,
And concludes rightly what is to come:
She knows the wisdom of words, and expounds hidden riddles.
She foresees signs and wonders, and the events of seasons and times.

9 Therefore I purposed to take her to me to live with me,
Knowing that she would be a counsellor of good,
And a comfort in worries and grief.

10 Because of her I have esteem among the multitude,
And esteem with the elders, although I am young.

11 I shall be found alert in judgment,
And shall be admired in the sight of great men.

12 When I hold my tongue, they shall await me,
And when I speak, they shall give good ear to me;
If I talk much, they shall lay their hands upon their mouth.

13 And by the means of her I shall obtain immortality,
And leave an everlasting remembrance behind me to those that come after me.

14 I shall put the people in order,
And the nations shall be subject to me.

15 Horrible tyrants shall be afraid, when they hear of me;
I shall be found good among the multitude,
And courageous in battle.

16 After I have come into my house, I shall find rest with her:
For her ways are not bitter;
And to live with her has no sorrow, but gladness and joy.

17 Now when I thought on these matters within myself,
And considered them in my heart,
That to be allied with wisdom is immortality;

18 And it is great pleasure to have her friendship;
And in the works of her hands are wealth without limit;
And walking in her company, insight;
And in talking with her, a good report;
I went about seeking how to take her to me.

19 For I was a lively child, and had a good spirit.

20 Indeed, being good, I came into a body undefiled.

21 Nevertheless, when I perceived that I could not otherwise obtain her, except Elohim gave her me;
And that was a point of wisdom also to know whose gift she was;
I prayed to 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, and pleaded with Him,
And with my whole heart I said,