ḤAḴMAH 9 (Wisdom 9)

1″O Elohim of my fathers,
and Aḏon of kindness,
who has made all by Your Word,

2 and ordained man through Your wisdom,
That he should reign over the creatures which You have made.

3 “And order the world according to straightness and righteousness,
And execute right-ruling with an upright heart:

4 “Give me wisdom, that sits by Your throne;
And do not reject me from among your children.

5 “For I, Your servant and son of Your female servant am a weak man, and short-lived,
And too young for the understanding of Right-Ruling and Laws.

6 “For though a man be ever so perfect among the children of men,
Yet if Your wisdom is not with him, he shall be regarded as naught.

7 “You have chosen me to be a sovereign of Your people,
And a judge of Your sons and daughters.

8 “You have commanded me to build a Hĕyḵal upon Your qodesh mountain,
And an altar in the city in which You dwell,
A resemblance of the qodesh Mishkan,
which You have prepared from the beginning.

9 “And wisdom was with You; who knows Your works,
And was present when You made the world,
And knew what was acceptable in Your sight,
And right by Your Commands.

10 “O send her out of Your qodesh shamayim,
And from the throne of Your esteem,
That being present she may labour with me,
That I may know what is pleasing to You.

11 “For she knows and understands all matters,
And she shall lead me sensibly in my doings,
And preserve me in her power.

12 “So shall my works be acceptable,
And then shall I judge Your people righteously,
And be worthy to sit in my father’s seat.”

13 For what man is he who knows the counsel of Elohim?
Or who knows the desire of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄?

14 “For the thoughts of mortal men are wretched,
And our plans are of uncertainty.

15 For the corruptible body presses down the being,
And this earthly tent weighs down the mind that thinks upon many matters.

16 And we could hardly guess rightly at that which is on earth,
And with labour we find that which is before us;
But that which is in the shamayim who has searched out?

17 And Your counsel who has known, except You give wisdom,
And send Your Ruaḥ ha’Qodesh from above?

18 For so the ways of those who lived on the earth were instructed,
And men were taught that which is pleasing to You,
And were saved through wisdom.