1 Do not be jealous over the wife of your bosom,
And do not teach her an evil lesson against yourself.

2 Do not give yourself to a woman to trample your strength.

3 Do not go into a whore, lest you fall into her snares.

4 Do not keep company with a flirtatious woman,
Lest you be taken by her attempts.

5 Do not stare upon a maiden,
So you do not fall by that which is precious in her.

6 Do not give yourself to whores,
So that you do not lose your inheritance.

7 Do not look about in the streets of the city,
Neither wander in its lonely places.

8 Turn your eye away from a good-looking woman,
And do not look upon another’s loveliness;
For many have been deceived by the loveliness of a woman;
For desire is kindled by it like a fire.

9 Do not sit at all with another man’s wife,
Nor sit down with her in your arms,
And do not spend your silver with her on wine;
Lest your heart incline toward her,
And so, through your desire fall into destruction.

10 Do not forsake an old friend;
For the new is not comparable to him.
A new friend is like new wine;
When it is old, you shall drink it with pleasure.

11 Do not envy the esteem of a sinner;
For you do not know what his end shall be.

12 Do not delight in that which the wicked have pleasure in;
But remember they shall not go unpunished to their grave.

13 Keep far from the man who has power to kill;
So the fear of death shall not concern you.
And if you encounter him, make no mistake,
Lest he take away your life immediately.
Remember that you walk in the midst of snares,
And that you walk upon the walls of the city.

14 When you draw near, reason with your neighbour,
And consult with the wise.

15 Let your words be with the wise,
And all your talk in the Law of the Most High.

16 And let righteous men eat and drink with you;
And let your esteem be in the reverence of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄.

17 For the hand of the craftsman the work shall be praised,
And the wise ruler of the people for his words.

18 A man of an evil tongue is dangerous in his city;
And he who is hasty with his words shall be hated.