1 Now, my children, love 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 Elohim of the shamayim  and earth; keep His Commandments; pattern your life after the good and pious man Yosĕph.

2 Let your thoughts incline to the good, as you know to be so with me, because he who has the right set of mind sees everything rightly.

3 Reverence 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 and love your neighbor. Even if the spirits of Beliar seek to derange you with all sorts of wicked oppression, they will not dominate you, even as they were not able to dominate Yosĕph, my brother.

4 How many men wanted to destroy him, and Elohim shielded him! For the person who fears and reverences Elohim and loves his neighbor cannot be plagued by the spirit of Beliar since he is sheltered by the fear and reverence of Elohim.

5 Neither man’s schemes nor those of animals can prevail over him, for he is aided in living by this: by the love which he has toward his neighbor; therefore Elohim helps him.

6 Yosĕph also urged our father to pray for his brothers, that 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 would not hold them accountable for their sin which they so wickedly committed against him.

7 And Ya’aqoḇ cried out, O noble child, you have crushed the inner feelings of Ya’aqoḇ, your father. He embraced him and kept kissing him for two hours, saying,

8 In you will be fulfilled the neḇuah of the shamayim which says that the spotless One will be defiled by torahless men and the sinless One will die for the sake of impious men in the blood of the Covenant, for the deliverance of the Gentiles and of Yisra’ĕl, and shall destroy Beliar and his servants.