1 See then, my children, what is the end goal of the good man. Be imitators of him in his goodness because of his compassion, in order that you may wear crowns of glory.

2 For a good man does not have a dark eye, but he is merciful to all, even though they may be sinners.

3 And even if persons plot against him for evil ends, by doing good this man conquers evil, being shielded by Elohim. He loves the righteous and those who wrong him as he loves his own life.

4 If anyone is exalted, he holds no envy. If anyone becomes rich, he is not jealous. If anyone is brave, he praises him. The virtuous man he commends; he shows mercy to the impoverished; to the weak he shows compassion; unto 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 he sings praises.

5 He loves the person who has the grace of a good Ruaḥ as he loves his own life.