1 If your mind is set toward good, even evil men will be at peace with you; the depraved will respect you and will turn back to the good. The greedy will not only abstain from their passion but will give to the oppressed the things which they covetously hold.

2 If you continue to do good, even the unclean spirits will flee from you and wild animals will fear you.

3 For where someone has within himself respect for good works and has light in the mind, darkness will flee away from that person.

4 For if anyone unashamedly attacks a qodesh man, he repents, since the qodesh man shows mercy to the one who abused him, and maintains silence. And if anyone betrays a righteous man, the righteous man prays. Even though for a brief time he may be humbled, later he will appear far more glorious, as happened with Yosĕph, my brother.