1 A copy of the words of Dan, which he spoke to his sons at the last of his days, in the one hundred twenty-fifth year of his life.

2 Assembling his clan, he said, Sons of Dan, hear my words; give heed to what is uttered by the mouth of your father.

3 I have made proof in my heart and in my life that truth with honest dealings is good and well-pleasing to Elohim, while lying and anger are evil because they instruct mankind thoroughly in every evil.

4 My children, I confess to you today that in my heart I rejoiced over the death of Yosĕph, a man who was true and good.

5 I was glad about the sale of Yosĕph, because Father loved him more than the rest of us.

6 For the spirit of jealousy and pretentiousness kept saying to me, You too are his son.

7 And one of the spirits of Beliar was at work within me, saying, Take this sword, and with it kill Yosĕph; once he is dead, your father will love you.

8 Now this is the spirit of anger that persuaded me to crush Yosĕph as a leopard crushes a kid.

9 But the Elohim of Ya’aqoḇ, our father, did not allow him to fall into my hands so that I might find him alone, nor did He permit me to accomplish this torahless act, lest two tribes be lost from Yisra’ĕl.