1 And now, my children, I am dying, and I say to you in truth that if you do not guard yourselves against the Ruaḥ of lying and anger, and love truth and long suffering, you will perish.

2 There is blindness in anger, my children, and there is no angry person who can perceive the face of truth.

3 For even if one is his father or mother, he treats them as enemies; if it is a brother, he does not recognize him; if it is a naḇi of 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄, he disobeys; if it is a just man, he regards him not; if a friend, he ignores him.

4 For the Ruaḥ of anger ensnares him in the nets of deceit, blinds his eyes literally, darkens his understanding by means of a lie, and provides him with its own peculiar perspective.

5 And how does it encompass his eyes? By hatred in the heart, it gives him a peculiar disposition, to envy his brother.