1 Anger is evil, my children, for it becomes the motivation force of the soul itself.

2 That force has strange effects on the body of the angry man; it dominates his soul, and provides the body with a peculiar power so that it can accomplish every lawless act.

3 When the soul acts, it justifies whatever is done since it lacks discernment.

4 So then whoever is angry, if he is a powerful person, has triple strength by reason of his anger: First through the power and support of his subordinates; second through his wealth, by which he can win by persuasive acts and triumph in injustice; third, he has the natural force of his own body, and through it he accomplishes evil.

5 But if the angry one is a weak person, his strength is twice that of nature, for anger always supports such a person in their transgression.

6 This Ruaḥ always mixes with lying at the right hand of Satan, in order that such deeds may be done through savagery and deception.