1 Beware, my children, of those who hate, because it leads to torahlessness against 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 himself.

2 For it will not hear the words of His Commandments concerning the loving of one’s neighbor, and in this way, it sins against Elohim.

3 For if a brother stumbles, immediately he wants to spread the tale to everyone, and is eager to have him condemned for it, punished, and executed.

4 If the hater is a servant, he conspires against his master, and whenever difficulty arises it plots how he might be killed.

5 Hatred collaborates with envy, when it sees or hears about the prosperity of those who do well, it is perpetually peevish.

6 Just as love wants to bring the dead back to life and to recall those under sentence of death, so hate wants to kill the living and does not wish to preserve alive those who have committed the slightest sin.

7 For among all men the spirit of hatred works by Beliar through human frailty for the death of mankind; but the Ruaḥ of love works by the Torah of Elohim through forbearance for the deliverance of mankind.